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Hot links

  Australian Motorcycle Week 14th to the 23rd November - come and check out Tassie
  The tyre choice page information

  The first National Dinner - keep in mind this is on my computer and
connected to you by a 56k modem, so it _will_ be slow.
  2001 National ausmoto Dinner
  2000 National ausmoto Dinner
  Some ausmoto events
  Tasride mailing list - on new server
  The ausmoto SETI team - join in and get us into the top 100
  Laurie Williams Netride information page.
  Whos' Who of Compiled by Andrew Bentrup and Iain Chalmers
  The #ausmoto IRC page 
  Cameron Simpson's Faces of page.
  The T-shirt, stickers and caps page.
  The Poser Permits list.
What is a Poser Permit you ask? Click to find out.
  Click here for info on me.

Rider information

  Tasride mailing list
  Tasmanian Touring Tips
  Beyond Down Under Motorcycle Tours - Tassie organised tours
John Lamp's motorcycle pages. Includes:

New Riders Links
Bikes for new riders, Buying a second hand bike, Gear for new riders, Short Bikers' List

General Links
Buying a second hand bike, Countersteering - read it for God's sake!, Desiderider, Geelong Riders' Group of the Ulysses Club, Importing a Bike - Federal Office of Road Safety, New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants, Old Fart on a Scooter, Rallies in Australasia, Racing Information, Short Bikers' List, Stone - the film, Tasmanian Motorcycle Hire, Tasmanian Toyrun 1997, Wolsely Gyrocar

KKK Biker Gang Rapists, The Old Guy and the Hell's Angels, Ten Little Motorcyclists, Why Motorcycles are Better Than Men, Working on the Bike

  The Australian 250cc bike list
  Cameron Simpson's page with the FAQ.
This will give you information on where to ride in each state, what local requirements are needed for obtaining your licence, etc.
  The list of rider's incidents. What happened and how to avoid them happening again.
  The tyre choice page
  The Australian Motorcycle Buyer's Guide. A great guide to prices of new and used bikes.
  Learners bike list, includes prices and pictures of most models
  Bike Intercom, designed by Peter Sanders
  Paul Kind's bike gear sprocket ratio spreadsheet

General links

  Cameron Simpson's links page. A link to just about everything in Australian (and world) motorcycling.
  Pictures from the Tas Baskerville ride/drive track day
  The Tas Poker run, October 22 1998 
  1997 Tasmanian Toy Run report 
  Michael Girle's homepage, with a detailed description of Brisbane's Mt Glorious bike road. 
  The Drysdale 750 V8. I've added a fairing to see what it looks like. There's also a link to the bike's home page.
  A great shot of Mick Doohan.
  Biaggi's wheelstand

Silly stuff

  How depraved are ausmotians?
  Sam's ausmoto welcome opera
  Emoticons and Smileys
  The BELCH award
  Ovlovation - the game! 
  The thrillbillies tune and movie script
  The Cliffykins memorial page 
  The latest products and other bits New Years Eve 1998/99 silly sounds

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